Sunday, 23 December 2007

HTC Shangrila

No doubt many of you have already heard of the Shangrila... it's an amalgamation of a PC and the Kaiser into one device (yep, they based the PPC design on the Kaiser)

Basically, the whole SnapVue thing is just Windows Mobile with a rather poncy program chucked on top of the OS to stop you from using it properly... no doubt this'll be a cinch to bypass, but it does beg the question of why exactly HTC would want to limit the device like this.

architecture wise it's a Qualcomm MSM7200, the lovely all-in-wonder chip that not only is your CPU but also your radio too... the downside is that this has a full-featured signed-code checking ability, so flashing patched radios to this is pretty much out of the window, but of course, reading the NV area as per the engineers do for testing is however not out of the question... it could be written too, but we're not going to tell you *everything*... yet.

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