Sunday, 27 April 2008

HTC Kovsky & Radios

What's that? actually I don't know... sorry for being somewhat... dead, but I was busy and... stuff.

anyway, so the Kovsky is another planned HTC device, though it would seem I'm not entirely sure what the hell it is at this point other than a name, but be sure I'll keep you posted.

What's more interesting is that it seems AT&T have had a good whine at HTC over the recent speight of unlockings going on as they have modified the oemsbl in this doozey of a radio from from setting RADIO_RUU_SHA_RSA_SIGNED to setting unsigned... simple copy paste job here chums.

Unfortunately, that means the image won't flash on a non security-unlocked device... very clever since of course you can slap a smart card into it if you're repairing it and just security unlock to change it if needed.

Never fear however... there may be a way around this... more later

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Opera v9 - Direct From 3GSM

Well, those of you lucky enough to have afforded the criminally high entry ticket of €599 will know that the Opera stand has a selection of sexy devices to play with the new Opera on, which is all well and good, but you want to take it home with you... well, here you are, Opera 9.33 especially for you lucky readers to download and play with.

Yours truly has had a play with this and found it to be rather acceptable, ironic since reports seem to suggest that it runs slowly on the demo devices (personally, we think it's because morons have been unable to find opera and instead decided to play with other crap like Word and Excel)

in any case... here's the download.

Regards as always

Mr. H.T.C Insider.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pharos Picture

Looks sexy doesn't it? yeah... well unfortunately, the chip in it is a piece of crap... but, if you like having a device that somewhat resembles an iPhone, then clearly this is for you.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

HTC - "Kaiser has No Imageon Chip"

What? NO!

Come on HTC, do you think we're actually retarded or something? this is highly remniscent of the Rockstar Games debacle where they initially tried to claim that the sex scenes had been inserted by code hackers... except the problem is HTC have actually humiliated themselves big style since it's pretty dire if the PR team calls one of the engineers and says "does this have an imageon chip?" and then spins that into this story... you see:

If we want to get technical... they're not strictly lying, since it doesn't literally contain the ATI chip... but what it does contain has all the same features and abilities (and then some) of the Imageon... so they're still coming in the cocoa.

The MSM7200 actually is an ARMv6 chip, which supports things like SIMD instructions, and also the rather fancy "Jazelle" that does fancy stuff with Java (though we maintain that you simply can't polish a turd).

In any case... the capabilities of this for direct image processing (and all the other fancy 3D crap you care to think of) can be utilised by this chip quite beautifully... it just seems HTC want to play the anal retention game.