Sunday, 27 April 2008

HTC Kovsky & Radios

What's that? actually I don't know... sorry for being somewhat... dead, but I was busy and... stuff.

anyway, so the Kovsky is another planned HTC device, though it would seem I'm not entirely sure what the hell it is at this point other than a name, but be sure I'll keep you posted.

What's more interesting is that it seems AT&T have had a good whine at HTC over the recent speight of unlockings going on as they have modified the oemsbl in this doozey of a radio from from setting RADIO_RUU_SHA_RSA_SIGNED to setting unsigned... simple copy paste job here chums.

Unfortunately, that means the image won't flash on a non security-unlocked device... very clever since of course you can slap a smart card into it if you're repairing it and just security unlock to change it if needed.

Never fear however... there may be a way around this... more later