Monday, 24 December 2007

HTC Pharos

The HTC Pharos (p3470)... cool name? well sure, except for the fact the CPU is a... *shudder* TI OMAP 850 (running at a blistering 200Mhz).

The spec sheet says it's a "bar type PDA phone" so basically, you're looking at a PDA that resembles a regular phone more than anything.

the touchscreen is a standard 240x320 (2.8") but on the bright side, it does come with WM6 Professional edition.

Frankly though, I don't really see many of you readers buying this... this is a phone for the "I mildly give a toss about owning a PDA phone" market; the OMAP isn't even 3G, although perhaps the fact that it does have built in GPS (NMEA 0183) makes up for this... plus a rather cool spinwheel control.

Finally, it has the standard Bluetooth 2.0 stack (no WiFi unfortunately), although only a 1100mAh battery which may prove to be somewhat sub-par when powering the OMAP and the 128MB of RAM (and 256MB ROM).

In any case... keep your eyes peeled.

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