Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Opera v9 - Direct From 3GSM

Well, those of you lucky enough to have afforded the criminally high entry ticket of €599 will know that the Opera stand has a selection of sexy devices to play with the new Opera on, which is all well and good, but you want to take it home with you... well, here you are, Opera 9.33 especially for you lucky readers to download and play with.

Yours truly has had a play with this and found it to be rather acceptable, ironic since reports seem to suggest that it runs slowly on the demo devices (personally, we think it's because morons have been unable to find opera and instead decided to play with other crap like Word and Excel)

in any case... here's the download.

Regards as always

Mr. H.T.C Insider.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil said...

Thank you for sharing your passion.

Good saint valentine day!

Daniel Goldman said...

To those who have chosen to download and install this of Opera Mobile 9.5, please note the following:

This is a pre-alpha version, and does not in any way reflect the quality of an official Opera release. It can cause data loss, harm your mobile device and accidentally kill your cat and love life. :)

Use it at your own risk.

Opera Software

Anonymous said...

administrator SID @ has genuine beta version OPERA9 for nokia s60 v3 smartphone its cool but hes sell it for $5 USD to fund Dream music career ha ha .... yours jscott

stefanos said...

lmao @jay:)
@daniel i hope you guys bring us fast the final version for symbian.
i cant wait for it.

Anonymous said...

This blog seems a little light on "insider" information at HTC.

It needs a lot more (and more frequent) updates.

Curtos said...

great, some jerks reported it and now its gone from rapidshare

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